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The Merchants Difference

Merchants Bonding CompanyTM is the 15th largest surety writer in the United States (SFAA May 2019), with an over 80-year reputation for consistency, common sense underwriting and customer service. It is not a coincidence that more than 20% of our top producing agents have partnered with Merchants for more than 25 years. Strong, long-lasting relationships are what we seek out, cultivate and maintain.

Merchants has achieved an "A" (Excellent) rating or better with A.M. Best for 60 consecutive years (Best's Review, July 2018. See A.M. Best's Website for explanation of ratings).

Merchants Bonding Company is unique because our focus is almost exclusively on surety. Unlike other insurance companies with multiple lines of business, Merchants has honed its expertise in contract and commercial surety bonding.


Merchants Surety Solutions Benefits:

Common Sense Underwriting

  • Accounts are NOT Alike - We underwrite each account on its own merits. No rules carved in stone and we don't use inflexible formulas.
  • Net Worth is Key, Both Business and Personal - Our emphasis is on net worth, including personal net worth, because it is the best reflection of a company's past success and future potential.
  • Character Counts - Merchants places significance on the personal character of business owners. References, length of time in business and significant personal events offer insight.
  • The Art & Science of Underwriting - The science of underwriting involves detailed data analysis, but it is in the art of underwriting where Merchants truly shines. It is the combination of our art and science that sets us apart from other surety companies and positions our agents for long-term success.

First-Class Service

  • Personal Service - We are fiercely committed to providing personal service. From our same-day responses to our recognition programs, you will always have people to speak to and our people promise to serve your needs with fast, friendly service.
  • Online Innovation - Our agency center, the Hub, provides for all of your online bonding needs. We are committed to providing the latest in technological advances and innovation to make bonding easy. 
  • Team Approach - Merchants serves all 50 states with teams of underwriters. All of our underwriters have a deep understanding of surety and the people who use it. Merchants' agents benefit from the innovative ideas, quality decision-making, superior underwriting and first-class service that come with our team approach.